POP Bus to Various Locations

Can you please check my assumptions? Thanks in advance!

RD MK Opens 9 am - leave POP NLT 7:30 am
RD Epcot Opens 9 am - leave POP NLT 7:30 am (try to RD Soarin!)
RD MK with EMH Open at 8 am - leave POP NLT 7:00

ADR Akershus 9:05am - Leave POP 8am? I don’t think this is enough time. It’s quite a walk from Epcot bus to WS.

What is NLT?

Those look good but I agree I would leave Pop a bit earlier for the Akershus. Probably 7:30. I like to leave plenty of cushion. No worries about getting there early but if I’m running late it stresses me out and that’s not a great way to start the day.

NLT = No Later Than

I have never left POP that early. My family lingers WAY too long in the cafeteria. I’m concerned about having to wait for more than 1 bus cycle.

What time do they open bag check at Epcot? And, my ADR is 9:45 (not 9:05!). So, now I’m thinking 8am would be perfect! What do you think?

9:45 sounds like a great time, not fighting crowds. IMO your timing is good in that case.

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