Pools at Pop

Can anyone report on the amount of shade at the Pop pools? From what I can glean from photos, it looks like all the pools are probably in full sunlight for most of the day. :disappointed:

I was just thinking of asking this question yesterday! It doesn’t look like there’s much. :frowning:

The flower pool in the 60s (?) is in the sun ALL DAY long!

i don’t recall any shade at the computer pool…there were a few tables with umbrellas outside of the pool area on the keyboard space… we didn’t swim any tho!

Both the main pool nearest the food court and the bowling pin shaped pool (don’t know the names) are in full sun from what I recall.

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Not what I was hoping to hear (but thanks for the replies)!

The flower pool at Pop has some palm trees around it with lounge chairs under them. Depending on time of day about half of them are in the shade. So maybe 20 chairs at a time. You have to get there pretty early in order to get one.

Wow. So no umbrellas at all?

There are about 8 tables with umbrellas. Here are pics I took to send to TP room views, but shows the pool very well. You can see a few tables with green or yellow umbrellas.

Thanks for posting Heather! Is this the pool where they do the movies at night? I am wondering if on the backside of these buildings if you can still hear the movies?

I arrived at midnight and left the next day! May few someone else knows?

You really can’t hear the movies on the other side of the buildings. They are shown on an inflatable screen with speakers. They aren’t big and loud like at a theater.

My experience matches @Traveler1. Last year at Pop we were as close as you could be to where the movie was playing except on the back side and we could not hear it. I have seen the movie played in different locations over the years.

Ok great! I thought I read recently on chat that someone thought it was really loud and was worried it would keep DD up, she’s a very light sleeper!

The Bowling Pin pool was shaded for part of the day. This was taken from our room in December, early afternoon - maybe 3:00. The Hippy Dippy pool (the main pool) has little shade.


Excellent, thanks for the reference point.

The Computer Pool has a tiny bit of shade in the morning but it vanishes quickly.

Thanks for the info and the pics, everyone! I appreciate the replies! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve been feeling very uneasy about my choice of Pop for a number of reasons (cost and transportation being at the top of the list) and the pool situation has been the tipping point. I’ve decided to switch to an off-site hotel, which will save me ~$450, even after adding a rental car. I will use part of those savings to buy the AP summer pass to Typhoon Lagoon, where I am guaranteed to be in the shade while floating blissfully along the lazy river. :wink:

I stayed on the backside of building 5 by the lake and heard no movie. I’d be surprised if you could closer to the main building but I can’t be positive.