Pool use question

I’ll be staying at POFQ in March for a week. I have some family that will be visiting Tampa while we are at WDW and was wondering if they’d be able to come to POFQ and use the pool with us on our scheduled pool day? Do they check magic bands?

I don’t see why anyone would stop them if they’re with you. The important question is how many people? If you bring 50 guests for a family reunion you’ll draw some attention. If it’s a smallish group you should be fine.

Edit: I think some pools have a gate that uses magic bands for entry. If one person has a band that lets you in you’re good.

At Stormalong Bay at Beach Club, we all had to have our magic bands and after scanning them they issued us each special pool wristbands. There was a CM stationed at the gate checking.

The quiet pool had an unlocked gate with no kind of check whatsoever.

Probably worthwhile to search the forum on POFQ and tag the question to someone that mentions having been there recently. P

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I’ve stayed at POFQ and don’t remember them being particularly strict about magic bands other than having one to let you in the gate (certainly not as strict as what I’ve heard at Stormalong Bay) but you always run a risk.


Thanks all for the input. I really appreciate it!

When my family was at the Grand Californian, there was a check of room cards for pool access (only one within the hour or so we were there). This was mid week in April after Spring Break peak.
However, GC is within easy walking distance of both parks at DLR and is a very good pool (for DLR). I have never had a Magic Band check at WDW including the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend at WL.