Pool toys

I’ll be headed to POR in May with my 5yo DS and 3yo DD. We’ll be spending some time at the pool - I imagine my 5yo will probably go there most afternoons. I’m hoping the 3yo will be persuaded to nap, but if not, we’ll take her to the pool too.

My DS has special needs that make it hard for him to meet/play with other kids. I thought that if we brought some cool pool toys, it might help him break the ice. However, I find that I’m an old fuddy duddy and I’m having a hard time coming up with small, packable toys with some coolness factor. I’m thinking a beach ball… and that’s as far as I’m getting. Any advice?

Diving sticks/rings or the rockets that swerve when you throw them?

You could potentially order some larger items (boats, noodles, etc) with your groceries and them re-gift them to other families when you leave.


Here’s an Amazon link to a combo of the rockets/rings:

The rockets were available cheaper by themselves as an Add-On so there may be better choices than that link. Those are fairly small and would be easy to pack. Some form of waterproof ball would be the other suggestion - something as simple as a Nerf football would work well and worst case if there are no other kids to play with, you can throw the ball with him. That’s a little bigger to pack though…

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This looks fun.


This does too!

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I kinda want one of these for myself


Thanks guys! You’re way cooler than me :wink: I especially like the Nemo net toy.

cheap squirt guns, diving sticks, and little water balls, like footballs (the ones made for playing with in pools) make friends fast.

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Just to confirm - WDW allows noodles and other pool tools at all pools right?

My impression is that there’s nothing firmly prohibited, but you can only use things that aren’t going to infringe on other guests’ enjoyment of the pool, so big floats are out. (Not that I’d want to pack one anyways!) Inflatable arm swimmies, beach balls, and other small toys are generally okay, I think. If this is not right, someone please correct me.

I’m pretty sure that WDW stores sell pool noodles, so I’d be very surprised if they were not allowed.

My memory is that arm folates are prohibited - for personal floatation only PFDs are allowed (and usually available at the feature pools). Otherwise, your impression and mine match.

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Check with the resort, but most of them have organized games and activities in the afternoon. Would your son do well with these? It might help break the ice with other kids. Here’s the activity schedule for March for POR to give you an idea: http://www.portorleans.org/recreation-schedules.php

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You could consider ordering a few pool toys from Amazon to be delivered so you don’t have to schlep them. If they don’t cost much you could offer them to one of his new friends on your last day. We used the life vest provided for 3 yo but we saw someone using arm floats. It was quiet so maybe not noted by staff? (I didn’t see that it was prohibited but i certainly didn’t read the rules, ha ha!) We had organized games at GF but the cast member was sort of lame… Kids had to really be coaxed into doing it and they lost interest during but the bribe of getting a prize at the end kept them somewhat entertained…

That’s a good point, @thirdcoasttravelers. He does well with structured activities, though if he can do them independently he probably will. The best kinds are those that require interaction with another kid, ex. find a partner and hold a ball between your bellies and then walk to a finish line.

Okay, so I ended up with some light up dive sticks, a fish/net game, a Nemo and Crush that swim, a beach ball, and some smallish water squirters (same idea as a squirt gun without looking like a gun). Thanks guys for the inspiration!