Pool Towels at Fort Wilderness?

It’s my understanding that the value resorts don’t provide pool towels, but the moderates do. Since Fort Wilderness is both, I really don’t know if they will or not. My guess is not, since most people who are camping will have towels, but what about the people in the cabins?

I am wondering about this as well as we are heading there in 3 days. I ended up packing 1 beach towel for each of us, but I would love to free up some space and unpack them. I assume they provide towels at the water parks?

This is what Touring Plans says about the cabins at Fort Wilderness: “You may need to bring your towels from your room to use at the pool - Disney sometimes stocks extra towels poolside, and sometimes they don’t. Our advice is to send someone down to the pool to check the towel situation before you go. If you end up using your room towels at the pool, just call Housekeeping when you get back and request more.”

I don’t know if any of the extra towels provided in the cabin are beach towel size, or just bath towel size.

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I think we’re going to take some microfiber camping towels, since we’re going to Blizzard Beach too. They don’t take up much space, and they’re so handy… now that I think of it, it would probably be a good idea to keep one of the smaller ones under the stroller seat, in case we get wet during the day at the parks.

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