Pool Questions

As an on-site guest, I understand you can pool hop to any of the other resort pools. I also remember that we were able to bring pool toys or inflatables to the pools the last time we visited. I cannot recall if there are any restrictions on what types of inflatables you can bring (i.e. rings but not rafts). After visiting Disney last year and learning that you can bring any type of beverage to the pool as long as it is not in a glass container, I am now wondering if bringing personal beverages is allowed at the Universal pools? I cannot find a list of “pool rules” so would appreciate hearing experiences from others. Thanks.

On beverages its a definite no to bringing in any alcohol to the pools that has not been purchased on site and they can remove you from the hotel for breaking the licensing laws ( ie don’t risk bringing a few beers from your room) You are not supposed to bring in soft drinks either but you might get away with it. Most pools have complimentary iced water available and all sell alcohol and soft drinks.

I would check on the pool hopping rules. My understanding is that you cannot go to any other pool . . I thought most of the monorial pools were off-limits and it was only allowed at Grand Flo, but would love to hear if I am mistaken.

@ Park is asking about Universal Orlando resort where pool hopping is encouraged between all 4 hotels

sorry . . thought I was on the disney thread! thx for clarifying. I was concerned I had bad info.