Pool hours in January

Getting ready to leave for WDW in 4 days (hooray!) and putting the finishing touches on the plans.
What is your experience with pool hours this time of year? Resort page does not seem to post this…

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Great question! I’d like to know too!

At Wilderness Lodge this week, it was 10AM to 8PM

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I have done split stays and different resorts have had different hours. I wouldn’t plan too early or after 8 at night but quiet pools and some resort pools might be open later.

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Thank you! This does not seem like a very convenient schedule.

With parks closing 8 pm most days, we may need to choose between leaving early for a swim or take midday breaks and return for a very short time in the evening.

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Both pools? The pool near BR usually has longer hours?

Pool hours for POR:

|Pools Riverside & French Quarter|10am—8pm|
|Leisure Pools Riverside|9am—10pm|

“The five leisure (quiet) pools at Riverside are officially open 9am—10pm, but they are not locked and are generally available at any time within reason.”
-The Unofficial Guide to Disney’s Port Orleans Resorts

This gives me hope :grinning:

Where are you staying?

All Star Movies.