Pool hours in February and BBB questions

Hello, I will be in Disney 2/17-2/24 which is Presidents day week. We are staying at FW and I am working on putting together touring plans so I know what ADR’s to shoot for when they open up in a couple of weeks. A big part of the enjoyment for my kids is hitting the pools/spray area so I am trying to “plan” that into my touring. Ideally I would like to RD a park and then stay till late afternoon, early evening and then head to the pool alternated with a day where we don’t go to the park until 1ish and stay till closing, allowing kids to catch up on sleep and hit the pools before we go the park. I have only stayed at a Disney resort in the summer on previous trips when pools hours were typically 9am till 11pm. I am assuming the hours will be shorted in February? So I guess what I’m getting at is would it be reasonable to expect the pools to be open by 10am? and not close till 8pm? or is this wishful thinking? I am trying to avoid afternoon breaks and the extra travel time associated with them. Any time ideas from others past trips would be appreciated.

2nd question is a quick one. I want to make a BBB reservation for my daughter on the 5th day of our trip. Does this work like ADR’s that I could book 180+5 or do I need to wait until exactly 180 days out?

Thanks for your assistance.

I can only answer the BBB question, I booked mine for DD like normal ADR for on site, was 180+4.


If you are staying onsite, you get the + 10 (for you it would be +5). We did BBB in November and it was the highlight of my trip.

Not sure about pool hours.

I did a split stay last February (President’s week) AKL/WL. The pools did not have the same hours! AKL closed at 8:00 (I saw a couple of very unhappy people) , WL closed at 10? The weather was in the 80son most days.

Ugh! That makes it sound like hours are pretty unpredictable. I am even OK with 8pm closing though, I am really just hoping that the pools are open more that like 12:00pm-6pm. I also thought I overheard someone the last time we were in FL saying that the pools at FW are open all the time, but only have lifeguards some of the time. Is this possible?

Main pools have lifeguards and are open for set hours. I believe quiet pools are open all the time. But I may be wrong. I’ve only stayed at POFQ which has no quiet pool.

It could be true but it seems as if fences are being added at multiple pools. Although I have found that some of the gates can be opened during the day without a MB, at times a CM will be there to scan MBs and when the pool is closed the gate is locked.

I can’t answer to opening times, but we found it too cool to go to the pool until late morning when we where there Presidents Day week.