Pool Hours at Beach Club Resort

I’m traveling this July with teenagers who would like to take a swim before and after an a day at one of the parks. Can anyone tell me what to expect for pool hours at Beach Club Resort for both the main pool and the quiet pools?

Quiet pools are open 24 hours (no lifeguard). The main pools have hours that vary. Maybe 9am to sunset?

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Wish I knew about July. In January, storm along bay closed at 8pm sharp! Hurricane Hannah’s closed at 6. We were pretty disappointed since it was unseasonably warm during our trip. Both could have easily been open a couple more hours.

That being said, it will most likely be open later during the summer. They have more help on hand. Believe it or not, all the lifeguards were on the college program and were there from 10am til close. That’s a long day. I felt bad for those kids!

Thank you for responding. I’m hoping Stormalong Bay stays opened until later.

Thank you for your response. My grandchildren will be happy to hear they can swim in the quiet pools before and after their visit to the parks

POFQ was 9-11 last Aug, but doesn’t have a quiet pool so I don’t know if it’s typical.

Bumping this to see if anyone knows about typical Stormalong Bay pool hours for October. I’m assuming 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. for planning but am curious if anyone can confirm or deny.