Pool hopping?

A friend told us they thought you could swim at other resort pools. Is that right?
We’re staying at AoA this week and have a pool day…could be fun to skyliner over to Caribbean if that is allowed and not frowned upon!

Nope. Pool hopping is not allowed.

For DVC it is allowed at limited resorts.

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It used to be allowed between POR and POFQ, but I think they’re still closed.

It’s not allowed at other WDW resorts.

Thanks! I was skeptical when they said that. Knew this crew would straighten me out!

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I did hear on a podcast a slight caveat to the no pool hopping. Supposedly you can rent cabanas at a couple of the resorts (I think Contemporary and one other) even if you aren’t staying there. I haven’t independently verified this, but sounds like it would be fun (though perhaps a little pricey) way to experience pools at other resorts.

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Yes, cabana rental is an exception

GF is the other cabana rental option. B/YC has them if you are a resort guest there.

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I couldn’t imagine choosing to go to the Contemporary pool, on purpose, if you weren’t staying there. Then to pay for the privilege… madness.