Pool Hopping - CBR

My family really wants to ride the Skyliner! But we don’t have park hoppers for this trip. I was thinking that we could ride over to CBR on our second Epcot day for a break and some drinks. We are allowed to use that pool as DVC members, right? I think my kids might just like to go into the Pirate ship splash pad.

I was also thinking about exploring AoA and doing the food court, but I think that pool is on the do-not-hop list! And my son would definitely want to be climbing on the do-not-climb Lion King props.

CBR is fine. The pools at AoA are off limits though.

The list has changed recently though. GF pools are now off limits but AKL is OK except through the summer.

And blackout dates apply, including Thanksgiving.


Make sure you have your membership card, or digital white one. Pool hopping is a perk for all members.

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Thanks! That’s so cool about AKL! We are doing Sanaa on our checkout day and maybe I’ll see how things go and take a dip in the pool too.