Pool cabana's at Bay Lake Tower

Any have Info on pool cabana’s at the Contemporary pool’s?

How much for a 1/2 day
Are there cabana’s for rent at the Bay Lake Tower pool or just the main pool?
How far in advance should you book these?

No cabanas at BLT.
You should book as soon as you can.
Not sure about the cost.

Although to be honest I would consider booking at the GF instead. If staying onsite you can book cabanas at any pool except Stormalong Bay, where you have to be staying at the BC or YC (or BCV).

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Reason for why GF instead?

The pool area at GF looks nicer and more compact.

I do like the quiet pool at the Contemporary, which is where the cabanas are, I think. Mainly because it’s right by Bay Lake, as close as you get to an infinity pool feeling I imagine. And I love those views across the lake. But it’s a trek to get from there to say the restrooms or showers, and the whole area is a lot of paved pool deck which gets very hot underfoot.

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