Pooh open during DAH?

Pooh isn’t on any of the lists I can find for rides that are open during DAH. I saw one review from over a year ago that mentioned riding it, but nothing more current. I know it says that the list isn’t complete, but surely it would be open, right?

I would be surprised if it was not. We did Country Bears, Magic Carpets, and the Tiki Room during DAHs :grinning:

It was open when we did VAH in July…I’m assuming it would be open for the upcoming AH?

My eyeglasses may need a tweak…because I was trying to figure out what DAH had to do with whether a pool would be open or not…and why one would care! :wink:

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@ryan1 Haha yes I can see why that might be confusing! I got a FPP for Pooh just in case though. The planner in me wants to use my FPP at 7,8,and 9 before the 10pm DAH hours begin. But I keep thinking that I shouldn’t stress out about riding stuff from 7-10 because the wait times will be so low during DAH. We will be at GF beforehand for Enchanted Rose, the Orchestra and the decorations, so I don’t want to feel rushed to get to MK right at 7 if we aren’t ready.