Pondering (I know, what a surprise) resort for post-Wish WDW stay

I’m debating my post-Wish resort for August. Given that I’ll only have 4 days - and 2 of them are what seem to be Extra Evening Hours I’m willing to splurge a bit on a Deluxe. BUT since I’m hoping to get the Wine & Dine 10K booked, I need to save a bit of budget for that (I’m cool with a Value for race weekends). So within my budget parameters these are my options:

  • AKL Standard View or Pool View

  • AKL Kidani Standard View Studio
    I do love Animal Kingdom and have loved visiting the lodge. Lodge rooms have been very recently renovated. Kidani Studios have not. But it is bus dependent for everything and when busses are great, they’re great but when they suck… I’ve stayed at AKL once with my family.

  • Contemporary Garden Wing Garden View (or Standard View but a couple of those on each floor literally look at the wall, so I’d do the extra $10 a night to avoid that)
    Obviously I’d prefer the Tower, but that is out of budget even without the W&D possibility. One big advantage here is the room should be pretty newly redone since they are from all reports giving them the reno now. (Even if The Incredibles is not my favorite movie, it’s a cute theme.) Walking distance to MK which would make that an easy choice for my final day as I’d have total control over getting back to the resort in time for pick-up. Never stayed here.

  • Wilderness Lodge Nature View (NOT Nature View Fireworks) or Courtyard View
    TBH I know this is kind of like everyone’s darling, but I’m not sold on the theme. I’m not a woodsy/wilds kind of girl (an ocean/wilds yes). The rooms are fairly recently redone though (Just realized this is a common theme other than the Kidani studios). Not walkable, but there is a boat to MK (and in theory I could hop the monorail to Epcot from there). Never stayed here.

Technically an OKW Studio is as well, but since I don’t drive and won’t have a car and that resort is so huge I’m not really considering it unless there is a super compelling reason to put it on the list.


Or would you just not stress about the Extra Evening Hours (I’m talking the last week in August, which was DEAD this past year) and do a Moderate for both this trip and the W&D weekend?

I would definitely splurge for the deluxe for the evening hours. My choice would be AKL (I cannot believe I’m choosing it over WL either) bc it has the best food options of the 3 and has more to do at the hotel too with animal viewing and their awesome pool. The Mara is a better qs than Roaring Fork or CC in CR too.

WL is definitely 2nd though. I love you Wilderness Lodge! Sorry I didn’t pick you first!

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We never stay up that late so evening hours are never really a big decision factor. Proximity to resorts and resort dining are. Are you hitting 1 park a day and do you prefer dining in park or resort?

I have hoppers - mainly for the evening hours. So if I were to change to a Mod I could drop the hoppers.

As for eating - it’s a mix really, and depends on the park I’m at. AK I will eat at Satu’li, so I might need something for dinner. MK I will eat at Skipper’s. Epcot probably somewhere in World Showcase.

If you think you will use the evening hours and get 2 nights this trip, with park hoppers, I say go for deluxe. AK is awesome! Never stayed over night but its on the list. But we are also planning time at the resort to view the animals and atmosphere. Contemporary over WL if you dont care for the ambiance, just bc u can walk to MK. I’d nix OKW as it doesn’t seem to the best fit. So AKL over Contemporary? AKL for atmosphere all the way but Contemporary holds zero appeal for me.
Amd more dining options at the original AK than Kidani, so take that into consideration. Not sure how much of a walk there is between the 2 parts.

I am on a late August Wish cruise, and we are doing 4 nights post cruise at AKL. I’ve always wanted to stay there but never have, and we’re only doing 2 park days so I really wanted the animal viewing, pool & resort activities, and dining options. Plus, I lucked into a confirmed dvc rental for a value studio for our exact dates and the price was so good it made it a non-brainer (cheaper then a moderate). Unfortunately I don’t think our days will allow us any access to extra evening hours unless they change the schedule, but if you’d be able to take advantage of them, it seems like a big perk.

I’d love to stay at Contemporary someday just for the MK access. As far as Wilderness Lodge….I feel like this is blasphemy to say, but I stayed there and didn’t love it.