We just returned from the Poly. I have to say, yes there was a lot of construction, but it didn’t seem that bad to me. The walls they put up are actually quite tasteful. The temporary Captain Cooks was actually really nice. It seemed like there is actually more seating than the permanent one. The only drawback there is when someone is clueless as to how to order and pay and they hold everyone else up. the volcano pool closed during our trip. It was sad, but the east pool was never that crowded that you didn’t want to go in. I think it actually kept all of the pool hoppers away so the pool was almost empty quite a few days. We did do BB one afternoon. The Poly checkin booth is quite nice. They give you everything you need while there, even sunscreen if you forget it. The monorail being down didn’t impact us at all. They had boats running to the MK on a regular schedule, which got us there quickly. Only one time was the boat packed. I know this isn’t popular, but I didn’t miss the waterfall at all. I think the new lobby will be more open and inviting, instead of dark. The only drawback right now to me was the ugly Pizza Huts out on the water. They ruin the view of many longhouses, especially Hawaii. Who wants to pay club level and look out at them? I am actually excited to see how the resort looks once everything is finished.


Thank you for the updates!!! I agree 100% with your comments on the new #@#@%$ DVC huts (“Pizza Huts”—love it, going to start calling them that too). There will be a lot fewer TPV CL rooms left. The rest will have to look at those ugly things. They ruined our favorite room.

Thank you! I was there at the beginning of July and I completely agree! It was a great stay. The main pool was open when I was there so thank you for sharing how it was since the pool closed.

Thanks for the update and positive report. Poly is one of our favorites but have been afraid to book there during construction.

How’d you like the hotel room? How many people were you with? I am planning on staying there for our next trip but having anxiety about me, DH, and 2 kids (9 and 5) staying a traditional one room hotel room (never done it before). But everyone says the rooms at Poly are huge. Curious what you thought. TIA!

@mjsmomma, have you stayed in a Disney resort room before? I stayed at Poly last month. I have never had such a big room in Disney! Unlike other Disney resorts, the sinks are inside the bathroom. As long as your children will be OK sharing a queen size bed there should be room. I only made one request during online checkin and that was a balcony. I think that having that request would give you even more room.

Not to worry, DH, DD8, DD9 and I shared a standard room at the Poly and we had plenty of space. 2 queen beds, a couch, an armchair, and a desk and still room leftover.

You’ll be ok. Like you, we’re a family of four & when we travel try to get a suite or adjoining rooms. When all of us stay at the Poly, one kid usually sleeps on the pull-out couch and surprisingly we’ve never felt crowded. I can only contrast it to AKL (the only other WDW resort we’ve stayed at). I was glad only 3 of us were on that trip as the room seemed so small, even with bunk beds, vs the Poly’s rooms.

Family of four with DS5 and DD9 and the room size was fine!

@PrincipalTinker, we have stayed at Disney before. Just this past May at an AOA family suite and then many years ago at the old Dixie Landings (I think now POR). thanks for the reassurance everyone. I will definitely be requesting a patio!


Thanks for the update. Nice to hear actual experience instead of speculation horror stories of how it will be.

OMG I just rebooked our trip: 1/2 YC CL and…1/2 POLY CL TPV!!! We’re going HOOOOOME!!! Thanks to @polypack for the update. A room opened up under the fall offer, and well, I couldn’t resist…had to do it! I miss the Poly so much IDC if there are screens or if the pool’s closed. All that matters is the soft Hawaiian music, the beach, the gardens at night, the monorail, and the awesomesauce club lounge & CMs.

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We just booked our 1st weekend at the Poly CL. I’ve never seen the prices so low. Love the idea that they are handing out free BB tickets and Capt Cooks opened this week. Haven’t been to a water park in years…looking forward to the fun.