Polynesian Twilight Feast aka Ohana Room Service

Has anyone had the Polynesian Twilight Feast aka Ohana Room Service? Is it delicious? I like but don’t love Ohana because it’s just too much food!!! Which leads me to my other question: Do you have order the feast for everyone in your room? I’m tempted to get a single adult order for my husband and I one night during our summer stay at the Poly. We eat far too much at WDW and it seems like a fun, decadent but not gut busting option.

I have not tried it, but have read good reviews. It sounds like 1 order could feed 2 people.

We ordered the Polynesian feast/Ohana room service when we were there in October. We absolutely loved it. You can order as many or as few portions as you want. I believe my husband and I shared the service for one adult. It probably would’ve been better for me to order one adult and one child portion. Ordering for one adult we ate everything up but I didn’t get much of the meat because he ate most of it. They really did give quite a lot of food. He’s a pretty big eater . I honestly thought it was one of the best perks of staying at the poly was getting to eat Ohana in the room. We then ate in the restaurant a few nights later which was nice to. The only difference with the room service is that they do give you white rice with your food as well which I don’t recall getting in the restaurant. Otherwise all the food is the same.

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Wanted to bring this back up again as we are looking forward to our trup Anyone use the room service recently? I am specifically interested in the twilight feast, but would like reviews on any other experiences as well. How were your results and what did you think about the portion size? Anyone get just a kids portion? Curious as to the size for an individual.

I personally have not, but we plan on doing this. A friend of mine said she ordered 1 adult for she and her husband and then they ordered other food for their child who wasn’t a fan. They then carried it down to the pool and said it was the best meal of the trip! I’m planning on doing this because I really want to try Ohana for dinner but my husband and two kids aren’t thrilled. I figure I’ll order an adult (that is supposedly pretty large ) because I have a feeling my family will start picking off my plate.