Polynesian stay first timer

This may be a silly question if so apologies for my naivety ! We are staying in The Poly for 8 nights at the end of October. My plan after reading these forums was to use the TP fax reservation link to request a room. My questions are:
How many days before should you do this ?
Should I request just one room?
Is it a bad idea to check in online?
Is there anything else I need to do?
My reservation is a standard view room. Thanks all

I would setup your Fax on Touring Plans now - they will handle sending it to the Poly 5 days before your arrival.

I would list rooms that fit your criteria in order. When you setup the Fax it defaults to verbiage which suggests multiple rooms around the main one you selected. Depending on what you’re looking for in a room, you might edit that and offer some alternatives.

Checking in online is fine, just don’t make any requests is the recommendation. And obviously don’t make any conflicting requests with your Fax.

Once you setup the Fax and enter your reservation # you should be all set - have a great trip - the Poly is wonderful…