Polynesian room questions, balconies, using a scooter

Hi there, I’m staying DVC in a standard view room. I need to rent a scooter but I do not need a handicapped accessible room. I think I would like to request to stay in Tokelau for its convenience to the rest of the resort. I see that the west facing rooms the third floor are very popular. It looks like room 3940 has an amazing view but it is popular with at least 2 websites. I’m concerned that if I request that room, I will not get it. I am thinking that a first floor room is easier with the scooter anyway and that I am more likely to get my request there. Can anyone tell me what to expect from the first floor patios? Do they have an outer wall? Is there any difference at all with bugs coming in to first floor rooms? Also, in case I do get a room on a higher level, are the elevators very narrow? We are a family of 3, one child and 2 adults, in case you can give advice about how we may like some of the rooms.

We just finished a stay in a DVC studio Villa in Tokelau a couple of weeks ago. We were on the third floor The elevators are very narrow in Tokelau. We had a double stroller, and it was a tight squeeze with 2 adults and the double stroller. The elevators in the GCH were a bit bigger (the monorail stop is on the second floor, so you have to use the elevator to get to and from it). By the end of it all, we said we would have preferred a ground floor, but still loved the room and building we were in.

As far as the patios, I don’t believe there is wall around the ones on the ground floor, but I can’t remember for sure.

Thanks. This is great info. I hope I get my request.