Polynesian room options

I booked a garden room at the poly within 5 minutes of my week going on sale last July and the options were “Theme park view” Lagoon view” and Garden view”. I went on the website out of curiosity last night and saw “Pool or Marina view” is now an option. I had my fax configured asking for a first floor room at the Samoa building and now I come to find out the entire Samoa building is “Pool or marina view”.

Does anyone remember this being an option. I did an online chat and the person from Disney said it’s always been there I just didn’t see it.

The person on the phone is wrong. The views and rates changed.

Call again: http://www.wdwinfo.com/wdwinfo/disney-rates-deluxe-2017.htm#poly

I’m already booked so theres not much I think that’ll accomplish. I found out the Niue building is still standard so I guess I’m changing my fax request to that.

Also I participated in 2 online chats and both reps maintain their story that “Pool marina view” was always an option.

Sorry that you are getting the run around. Pool/marina view is new. Sometimes, you get cast members who don’t know what they are talking about. And, sometimes, Disney, as a business, decides to “control its narrative” and not be open and frank with its customers.

You are talking to someone in a Call Center.

Look at the link and offer to send it to them.