Polynesian Room comparison

Hello everyone. I am looking for information and hoping some of you can help out. I cannot find anything out there in the world of knowledge. Not yet anyway. We were booked in the Dlx studio-standard view at Poly, now we are looking at the Lagoon view. Can anyone tell me the specific differences please? I have been able to find plenty of photos and information on the views, so in this area I am clear. The room itself is what I would like to know more about, are they different??? specifically the bathrooms, how many?? Any info you may have would be appreciated or if you have room suggestions for lagoon view. Thank you

The rooms themselves are identical. The difference you’re paying for is the view from the window/balcony. Are you looking out over the lagoon with potentially an angle on the castle? Or at least the GF/Contemporary, etc. Standard is likely some foliage - another Poly building, etc., but could be a parking lot or something slightly less picturesque…

If you’ll never be in your room other than to sleep, the view probably isn’t worth paying for. If you think you’ll be there often and may want to glimpse fireworks or the electric boat parade, it may well be worth it…

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Thank you. I was mostly concerned about the bathroom situation. We really wanted the 2 bathrooms and the view was also appealing! Thank you for the info.

Tikiman has a great site about the Poly, with tons of information, but not necessarily up to date. Lots of room info with descriptions, floor plans, photos. http://www.tikimanpages.com/poly/

Is the lagoon view room also a DVC studio or a regular resort room? All the studios at Polynesian have the 2 bathrooms regardless of the view and the regular resort rooms only have 1 bathroom.

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