Polynesian Resort, what room to request?

Staying at the Polynesian resort, standard room in October, can’t decide what room or longhouse to request?

I don’t have any real advice since we’re staying there for the first time at the beginning of May, but this thread had some suggestions:


Thanks, it will be our first time as well, but I see they have made some changes. I’m assuming that the longhouses that have been updated to Disney Club Member Rooms can not be requested, such as Morea?

if you are booked standard view you will not be able to request any of the DVC longhouses which are Tuvalu, moorea and pago pago. The hawaii building is club level so that’s out too as well as the Tonga building which is suites.
The standard view long houses are Samoa, Fiji, Aotearoa, Rarotonga and Niue. We were at the Poly for 8 nights last october and it was probably the best vacation we ever had. It will be especially nice now that the quiet pool construction is complete. Have you checked out tikiman’s website? He has a nice map of the property and it shows walking distances to everything on property as well.
A few things to keep in mind about the standard view longhouses:
-1st floor has a patio, 3rd floor has a balcony, 2nd floor has no outside space, just a window. So if having a patio or balcony is important to you, keep that in mind.
-Samoa is centrally located right in b/w the 2 pools. We were ground floor facing the main pool and loved it.
-we used the touring plans room request feature and did online check in and we got a room 2 down from what we requested so that was successful.
let me know if I can answer any other questions for you!

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Our stay a few years ago at the Poly was Samoa 2nd floor facing the main pool - relatively centered. Loved the location although I’d probably go 3rd floor for a balcony if doing it again or consider 1st to have the patio.

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Thanks guys, this really helps, thanks for sharing!!!