Polynesian resort updates

Because, we love The Poly. Post your Q&A's here!

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Shall we guess on the nightly rate of the new over water huts - what are we calling them? But I guess they are all DVC? If normal Poly with a view can be $800 a night I will guess $950/night

I am on a quest to buy into DVC just to get one of those huts! SO... need to calculate how many points that equates to.

Considering they will most likely be 2 bedroom villas, I would say they will start closer to $1,100 or more a night. There will be so few available on cash, they will really take advantage. I would be impressed if they are under 1k!

I think I read online that it will be $2,000 a night. But of course, that's just a rumor, like everything else!

I'm guessing they can charge anything they want for them and they will have 100% occupancy. I am also assuming that they will be booked 5 minutes after the 11 month window opens. From what I've seen of the concept art for the GCH, they are abandoning the 70s "tiki chic" look for "international moderne", with a hint of the South Seas. I believe they are moving away from "family fun" to "Club Med elegance" - because it is what the wealthy international guests want.. By the time they are done, I expect to see points - and room rates - to equal or excede those at the GF.


I think you're probably right.

@bswan26 nailed it. I think my chances of seeing one of those are about equal to me staying in the Castle! LOL I will get to stay there in all it's under construction glory in Oct. though!

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Also consider how many resort rooms are being converted to DVC: that will help keep occupancy and rack rates high all over The Village. I do think they're going for a more elegant, impressive lobby, with an homage to Adventureland vs just the Polynesian islands.