Polynesian Resort Club Level and Fall Discount?

Can anyone clarify the fall discounts for the Polynesian Resort? Yesterday the website listed Polynesian at 20%, today at 10% (we are going during the first block of dates, on Oct 4-10), but my travel agent (whom I have very little faith in) says that no discounts are available for the Poly. Did anyone get a discount? How do I double-check myself? Call the Poly?

We are going early Nov and got 20% off for club level from a pin we received - never actually got but called and got number. Had to change dates and our TA had a terrible time but luckily worked it out. Good luck - we are excited to try Poly Club.

How do you get the PIN? Did you call Disney directly to get it? We followed up with Disney at this number 407-939-7639, and we were told that there IS in fact a discount, but since we booked through a travel agent, we could not work with Disney to get the discount. Our TA (again, I have no faith in her) has said she’s contacted Disney twice and gotten replies that there are no discounts available for that time except for Animal Kingdom villas or something.

Hi Cecily - we too work with a great TA - I called them after seeing on chat that some people had pins and never knew. We get tons for a period in the mail and then nothing - have never gotten one via email like other people talk about? When I called I asked and they said there was a pin but they could not check availability due to reservation being under TA - but they did give me the pin number - long combination letters and numbers. Emailed that over to TA and she got the discount. It wasn’t the full 30% off that you could get at other deluxes but 20% was nice. Good luck - hope it helps.
Please report back as we are going one month after yall - nervous about construction now.