Polynesian Hawaii Garden View Room

My family and I are booked in a club level room at the Polynesian for our September stay. We are currently booked in a garden view room in Hawaii and I’m wondering if anyone has any specific room suggestions that they could pass along? I have looked through the room finder and found a few views that are pretty nice but I was hoping to hear from anyone who has actually stayed in the rooms and can pass along any advice. Also, I should point out I’m assuming that the quiet pool construction will be completed by then.

I have the same question as we are staying in the same room type at Polynesion in June.

Oh nice! I have stayed in Hawaii a few times, and I prefer third floor (balcony,) close to lounge…it’s wonderfully convenient. Some folks prefer first floor patio…but I truly love to be next door to the lounge (access on 2nd & 3rd floors,) especially when their are 4 or 5 of us in the room. The lounge is open 24/7 and I love it. Great for extra space…and to relax and see the castle. My favorite.

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@MeetMeAtThePoly you must have read my mind! I was actually just thinking of tagging you in this post to get your thoughts. Do you have any specific room numbers in mind? Also, I have heard that the service elevator can be a bit noisy on the west end of the building near the lounge. What has your experience been like with that?

Elevator never bothered me…I like rooms 3534, 3533, 3532…farther from the dreaded quiet pool construction as well right now. Or first floor…1534, 1533…1532…

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Once the quiet pool construction is done, would that change your mind about where a desirable room in Hawaii may be?

I still like 3rd, close to lounge. Anytime.