Polynesian club level room suggestion post surgery

We will be staying at club level garden view room . I would like to request a 1rst floor room with the closest walk to the entrance gate of the pool . Any suggestions?

The closest room to the big volcano pool is room 1534 in the Hawaii building, but it also looks like it could border main entrance, so might be noisy. I would move a few rooms away and make sure the patio door is accessible from the pathway, so you don’t have to go through main entrance every time. Check out the room locator tool in touring plans if you haven’t already. Enjoy!

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Here is an old floor plan of the building in case it’s of use, the view categories should be up to date


Where did you find this particular map? I would love to see one for the Contemporary!

It’s from a now defunct website called Tikiman that was basically a fan site of The Polynesian with pretty thorough info on the resort

There is a somewhat similar site devoted to CR: https://www.disneycontemporary.com

It doesn’t have detailed maps like this, but there is one floor map. Otherwise, I’d say the Touring Plans room finder is the best source for info on room numbers, locations etc.

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Yep, thats where i thought it was from. Tikiman has responded to my questions via PM in the past. Great guy!
I wish there was a CR “monorail man” that loved CR so much he (or she) knew EVERYTHING about the resort!
Thanks for your reply.
I’ve put out feelers with a few forums hoping someone may know the answer.
Sparkle on!

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