Poly vs Swan-- 2 bedroom suite --please help

All-- there are so many insightful folks on this board and I am in need of insights…

I am taking my whole family ( parents, kids (9 and 2 years ) husband and myself on a celebration trip to disney – 40th brithdays and 40th anniversary plus 2years old first visit in over easter 4/19-4/26

I had originally book a club level 2 bedroom suite at the Poly, thinking we get the extra FPs cause its club level, the tonga has its own conierge so its will be special for my parents–its on the monorail, however I keep hearing that Disney doesn’t get suite level service and its not worth the money.

So I made a back up reservation at the Swan in a 2 bedroom grand suite, which still gives us access to the club level extra FP program still and because the Westin service I heard is fantastic, also is half the cost…but its not on the monorail and I heard there construction for the cove and will it be as magical as the tonga building at the poly?

For those that have stayed at either of these looking for thoughts on room quality, level of service , any insights to help me make this decision for my family


I have not stayed in Tonga but I have stayed in Hawaii. That is the other CL building. I felt that it was like staying in any other Poly building (I do love that resort and its amenities) with a lounge.

From what I have read And what you seem to be looking for I would pick the Swan. You are right, it is not on the monorail but being able to walk to two parks is amazing!

Never stayed at Poly but swan and dolphin are great for location and dining options. With a 2 year old who will probably need naps, being able to walk/ boat to 2 parks without folding a stroller several times a day is very helpful. The pool there is great with a nice waterslide.

and cheaper!

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Monorail and more expensive vs walking to Epcot, Boardwalk, Hollywood or boat?
Swan would be a no brainer for me.

If you have interest in a Dining plan, DME, or if you will be driving and parking a car, factor in those costs. No option of a dining plan at Swolphin.

I don’t really care about those things at all, and I like Hollyweird and Epcot a LOT. Swan would be a no brainer for me. Love the pools, beds, and the restaurants, as well.

If you are looking for “Disney Magic,” you might be underwhelmed. There’s disney stuff, sure, but it just isn’t all in your face, all the time. I don’t need that at all, but it makes a difference to others. Great resort, great price, great location. That’s all I need. The parks are Disney overload enough for me.

Totally agree. Club level can’t be cheap, so when someone says HALF the price, it would be a done deal for me

Thank you all for your thoughts