Poly vs GF

Never stayed at Deluxe Disney resort, only value or moderate. Any opinion on Polynesian vs Grand Floridian?

I’ve stayed at Poly several times; it’s my favorite! But I did just this morning book a stay at the GF for our our next trip. .

Poly Pros: Theme, landscape (at least pre-construction), convenience to parks, large rooms, nostalgia, restaurants, kids love it but I also think it’s quite romantic for adults too.
Cons: Construction or pool closure, check tikimanpages.com for the latest.

From what little I’ve seen and read of GF (just starting my research now), it looks like the amenities and service are a step up. Staff to guest ratio is better. There are many pools and restaurants, and also like the Poly, very convenient to everything.

I don’t think you can go wrong with either, it will likely depend on what ambiance you prefer! :smile:


Thanks for the feedback. GF sounds like the better option because of construction at poly. Maybe poly in a few years!

Neither would be on my top tier of first choices (AKL is number 1, WL would be number 2, and any of the 3 Boardwalk area resorts would come next. Of your two choices, I would go with GF, simply because I like the theming better.

Poly is my number one choice but because of the construction I would stay at GF. The advantage of Staying at either of these two is your accessibility to all transportation. The advantage that Poly used to have over GF was you could walk to TTC in 5 to 10 minutes. With all the construction this advantage is gone for now.

Thanks. What do you like about the boardwalk area resorts?

The Boardwalk area resorts have their proximity to DHS and EPCOT, both in walking distance. The pool at Beach Club, Stormalong Bay, is one of the consistent favorites here.

I’ve since changed to Contemporary, so we can walk to MK. Then moving to YC so we can walk to EP & HS. But if Poly had anything open under any discount, I’d stay there over anywhere. AKL is great if you don’t mind buses.

I agree with @PianoMinnie! We’ve stayed at the Poly a few times and we love it there.

I will add that you should take a look at the room & hotel pics at each hotel. I may be in the minority, but I do not like the feel of the GF. It feels stuffy and formal to me. Before the refurb, I hated the rooms too. We had dinner at the GF last August and spent some time wandering the grounds, and while beautiful, I again just feel more at home at the Poly. It’s more laid back and just feels like the place we want to be. I’m in no way saying one is superior to the other, just that different people like different things, and you should check out the pictures first.

Either way, you’ll have a great trip! Enjoy!

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I like the island theme better, so I’d pick the Polynesian. Just walking around that resort at night would be a plus for we. Walking distance from the TTC is also a minor convenience, particularly getting back and forth from Epcot. Good dining options at both locations. Polynesian will probably cost a little less, too (though neither will be inexpensive).

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I agree the Poly would be more laid back and “us” but the ongoing construction really concerns me and it is hard to find out how much that will change the experience. Would hate to pay that much and have to walk around construction site. Tough decision.

Didn’t think GF was stuffy at all. Cast was awesome especially for DD10. They treated her great.

The entire resort was renovated a few years ago and all rooms were updated within the past couple years.

Great dining options.

According to UG they have the largest regular rooms on property.

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I feel exactly the same way. To me it feels a bit like a retirement home for really rich old people lol. I mean it’s beautiful inside but totally not our vibe. Shuffleboard on the East lawn in 10 minutes.

Then again I’d pick BC/YC or AKL over either of these. Now that the lobby the bungalows, and the feature pool are done at Poly I think guests will feel the construction a lot less.


Ha!! YES!!!

Also, I stayed at the Poly last August, right in the middle of all the construction. If it had been my first time there, I would have been disappointed, but since I already loved the Poly from our previous stays, it didn’t bother me. It sounds like a lot of the construction is complete or near complete though, so I wouldn’t think there would be a problem now.


I’ve never stayed at GF but visited a couple of times during the holidays. Not my cup of tea, so to speak. It looks great but it just doesn’t seem like my kind of place. Totally different vibe than the ones I get at WL and AKL.

ETA: I think the Poly would be fun and I get the post WWII Tiki obsession. I think of all of the Seven Seas resorts, it would be my go to.