Poly views

If I have a standard view at Poly what may I be looking at?

Aotearoa, 3rd floor (full balcony request)

Not uploading, trying from my phone…

so you can request full balcony? what building is best?

All I requested was full balcony. A balcony is really important to me. That being said, since Aotearoa was on the opposite side of the construction, it was wonderful.

@principaltinker, how was aotearoa? did you get a lot of noise at night from the Luau? was it a good location in terms of walking to the TTC and bus stop?

I was in the back ( you could see the monorail in the distance). It was very, very quiet. I did not try to walk to TTC ( construction on that side). Everything was so close that it just took a minute to get to the buses or monorail.

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@jenniemouse – try the Hotel Room View page for the Polynesian. Ask it to show you all the garden view rooms, then click on a building and then a room. It should show you the view from that specific room.

If you find a room with a view you like, save it as a favorite (there’s a new icon in the upper right corner of each room’s view). We can fax that room request to Disney automatically now, 5 days before your check-in.



@len - touring plans will fax in the request for us?!

just found your new post on the room request feature. very nice @len!