Poly Transportation

We are considering staying at Poly and want to do rope drop for each of the parks, we like to get there really early. :slight_smile:

Have you been able to make rope drop for each park using Disney transportation from the Poly?
What form of transportation did you use to get there?


We were at the Polynesian 4 years ago and rope dropped all of the parks using Disney transportation. Buses to AK and HS. Monorail to Epcot and boat to MK. Got to the stops a little over an hour before park open. Never had any problems getting to the parks. The buses were definitely the slowest. We sometimes waited a while for a bus to arrive.

Touringplan says it will take 38 minutes to get to Epcot?! Did it really take that long for rope drop?

I certainly don’t remember it taking that long. That said, it has been a few years so I might be misremembering.

We stayed there 2 years ago and made RD at every park without issue. We used monorail and boat to MK and busses to HS and AK. For EP we walked to the Transportation center and caught the direct monorail. Never had any issues making it and we were super early birds :slight_smile:

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Made MK RD with plenty of time to spare for photos on Main Street and meandering.

Used Lyft for 0705 arrival at AK on 0800EMH day yesterday.

Did not RD Epcot today but will Thurs and will report back.

Have been overall very happy but bus from DS and AK felt long. Would consider, now, a split stay: Poly for MK/EP and switch to AKL for AK and remainder.

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From BC (Before Children) till the youngest graduated, we always stayed on the resort loop (Contemporary, Poly, Grand Floridian). Recently we have tried a few other resorts and have come to the conclusion the the resort loop provides the best transportation options. In my opinion the buses run hot and cold, and of course the cold always comes at the most inopportune moment.

Coincidentally, I have been mulling over the same split stay strategy that OBNurseNH mentioned. and will be trying that on our next trip.

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