Poly transit to pre-RD ADRs

Going to the world next week, saw a recent trip report discussing this exact topic but wanted to make a separate topic thread for these specifics.

What transit would you choose for pre-RD ADRs below? Have a DS6 so if Uber, need the family version with booster seat available, mom has ECV but it is optional --assuming even uber family can’t accomodate that!

Staying at Poly Tuvalu next to Spirit of Aloha/GF side of the resort with following :
Each park opens at 9am the morning of except BoG:
8:05 am Tusker assume Uber family best way to go
8:30 am GG walking to TTC may be quicker than monorail transfer
8:05 am CRT do buses/ferry or monorail run in time to hit 745 entry?
8:35 am BoG EMH at 8am, probably no worries on transit here

Any tips, opinions on if these are the best options and what time I should leave Poly to snap a few photos before hitting the ADR? Thanks in advance!

Using the monorail is dependent on which day of the week it is- even to Epcot. Here is a link I always have open in my phone : http://www.wdwinfo.com/transportation/monorail.htm

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So according to that link the resort monorail will not run on Tuesday morning until 8:30? Am I reading that correctly?

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Yes, they will have a bus.