Poly to GF walkway closed

The walkway has been closed due to the construction of the new Poly DVC tower. No word as to how long for.


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Honestly what they offered as a bypass was horridly unmagical anyway - you had to basically walk through the construction. Monorail it, my friends


This means that guests staying at Poly are limited accessing a fitness center during monorail hours and they will have to the loop all the way around to return?

Seems so :frowning:

Is Disney providing credit for the lack of amenities?

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I’m sure you realize that one would have to inquire at the desk.

It would be unusual for any such offer to be made without the ask. They are using rooms that I personally think should have been taken out of service due to their proximity to the active construction site.


We were at the Poly last month (on the DVC (east) side), and I was quite shocked just how bad the mess was right outside people’s rooms on the tower side. Didn’t affect us, but I would have had a major sense of humour failure if I’d been put there. Disney will claim people were warned when they booked - but this is way beyond a bit of disruption IMO.


Someone posted their view from the Fiji longhouse and it was appalling. They asked to be moved but the resort was fully booked. They absolutely should NOT be using those rooms and it makes me angry that they are - and not even at a reduced rate.


They need a reduced rate “construction view” catagory :joy: People would book them to save cash, and then clearly everyone knows what they are getting into.


Yikes! Do you remember where it was? Inquiring minds want to know!

Where what was?

The walkway?

I could see people walking between the roadway and the building that is under construction.

Like they seemed like they should have been wearing hard hats

The view from Fiji!



Lemme see if I can find it

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Wow - DH would have to move. Since he works in construction safety there is just no relaxing around that…

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