Poly Standard View Rooms


Never stay at the Polynesian but come mid-December, DW & I will be treating DD and Son-in-Law plus the 2 Grandkids to 6 nites in two rooms… theirs & ours.

So we’ve booked two Standard View rooms (to help keep cost “somewhat” down):
DD and family would need 2 Queens
Wife and I are fine with either 1 King or 2 Queens

Using the TP Room Finder
A) it seems like there aren’t that many Standard View rooms that aren’t DVC rooms
B) and the DVC rooms seem to be mostly 1 Queen with a pullout sofa


  1. should I be confident that room assigners will get the two rooms kinda close together, even tho the bed requests are different (one with 2Qs, one with 1K)? We dont really need (or want) adjoining rooms
  2. do you have any Standard View rooms that you could recommend?

Basing room request on walking distances to various amenities and transportation is not a big factor.



I love the Poly; it definitely has its cult following. It’s very nice of you to be taking your daughter’s family to WDW. They will love it!

  1. If you want rooms close together, I would call the booking line and explicitly make that request. However, I don’t think you can specifically request a king bedroom on your reservation. You can, however, send a request through the TP room request fax for a particular room. There are very few (<25) king bed garden view rooms. Most have 2 queens. You can view the rooms with a king bed on TP’s Poly map and filter by Garden View/1king bed.

  2. All the Garden view rooms are decent. They’re found in the Tuvalu, Fiji, Aotearoa, Niue, and Rarotonga bldgs. I like Tuvalu because it’s isolated and quiet (but it’s far from the TTC and the pools).

  3. When using the TP Room Finder, make sure you filter by “Garden View”, not by “Standard View/Deluxe Studio”. The latter are the DVC rooms, which are bookable, but through an entirely different reservation page (Poly Villas & Bungalows). There are actually quite a few “Garden View” rooms.

Hope that helps, and I hope that isn’t too confusing.

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I love Aotearoa, 3rd floor for a balcony.

You have seen this website?


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Thank you, this clears things up substantially. Garden View (non-DVC) are those rooms I should be reviewing in the TP Room Finder.

Very much appreciated.


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PrincipalTinker - thank you for the link (great resource) and the Aotearoa tip!


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No problem! I knew the answer to this because I made the same mistake when we were booking our last trip. I sent the room request fax for a “standard room/deluxe villa” thinking it was a normal “garden view” room at the Poly. Of course, they probably laughed at my request and threw it in the garbage :joy:

Happy trip planning!