Poly Room choice for older couple

We are staying at the Poly in early November. Have a couple health issues, and need minimal walking, ect. What is a good choice? And would the 3rd floor or 1st floor be better?

@jacval2016wd what kind of room do you have reserved?

3rd floor will get you a balcony, and 1st floor will get you a patio. The elevators are rather slow so I would request floor one unless you are like me and love balconies :wink:

Rarotonga probably would minimize your walk as it’s closest to both the Monorail & Bus. And if you really are looking to minimize walking, Monorail to the TTC to go to Epcot likely makes sense as well vs. walking.

Presuming limiting walking matters more than view, I’d go with the others suggesting 1st floor.

Here’s the map in Room Finder if you want to figure out a blend of walk vs. view: Touring Plans Poly Room Finder.

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We just have a standard room reserved.