Poly Questions

We’ve never stayed at Poly before and are only staying there for one night. What building do I request to have the easiest access to my car? (Since we are moving in and moving out with a one day turn around I think this might be my most important requirement.)

Also, where in Poly can we grab a quick breakfast on our way to EMH at HS? (Something we can eat on the run.)


I cannot help with the parking question but Captain Cook’s is open 24 hours.

We stayed in raratonga with easy parking lot access and its right next to the ceremonial house… Based on resort map looks like pago pago is clese to parking as well.

if you are staying in a standard room, Rarotonga would be best for being close to the parking lot. If you are in a dvc studio, Pago Pago would be closest (that whole building is dvc studios). Captain cooks would be the quick service restaurant at poly to grab breakfast at. It’s usually busy and chaotic so allow a bit of time, or there is Kona Island on the 2nd floor of the GCH at the poly that sells coffees and pastries too.