Poly & Port Orleans Riverside Room Finder

We’re booked in a standard room at the Poly and Port Orleans Riverside for a split stay. I was using the Touring Plans room finder and the for PoR there wasn’t a touring plans recommended room for standard, and the breakdown of what the rooms were called were different than on the Disney site. Any recommendations for a standard room at Port Orleans? We have a 4 and 6 year old so I was wondering if a room with a murphy bed was the way to go.

At Poly, which long house is recommended for standard room?


I think at Poly, Garden is equivalent to Standard correct? If so, we really liked the location of Samoa - we had a nice 3rd floor room with balcony overlooking the main pool. Samoa is next to the main pool, a short walk to the beach or the Grand Ceremonial house and not too bad a walk to the TTC. Given that we found it ideal. If Standard is no longer considered Garden though, I’m less certain - I seem to recall DIS may have tweaked the room types at Poly recently, but I’m not certain.

For POR, I’d also go heavily off of what building looks like an ideal location for what you want. We liked Oak Manor (building 90) as it wasn’t a bad walk from the main area and most importantly the quick service dining for filling up mugs. There’s a bridge to the right that’s fairly easy to cross to get there. It’s next to a quiet pool and laundry, but a relatively short walk to the main pool if the kids want to get crazy with slides etc. I’m not a fan of the remoteness nor architecture in Alligator Bayou, but I have friends who love it in that area too. I think the Murphy beds may only be in Alligator Bayou so that may be a trade-off of Murphy vs. close to the quick service etc.

Thanks for the recommendations!