Poly or GF

If pricing was essentially the same between the Grand Floridian and Poly? which you choose to stay at and why?

Personally I would go with the Poly (unless it was Christmas). I like the choices for every day dining (and I can walk to GF for a signature experience). I love the Oasis Pool at Poly and walking to the TTC.

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Curious…why would your answer be different if it was Christmas?

GF is beautiful at Christas! It has full size gingerbread house in the lobby and a towering tree! Poly does not have the same feel.

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If price is identical, I’d go GF. While I really like the Poly, the GF felt a little more special for some reason. We were at the GF in December though so that Xmas feel might be part of my answer. The GF is only 1 monorail hop to the MK and you can take the boat back and it’s first stop so it’s a little quicker to/from the MK. Poly is better for Epcot access of course. The GF does have a grand/posh feel (like the band in the main area) that is fun to experience and you feel just a little more pampered than at the Poly…