Poly or BC decision for confused Canadian

We are heading to WDW for our our first trip in November. It will be myself, my husband, my 12 year old son, and my 10 year daughter. I have spent hours on the room finder….hours!….trying to decide between the Poly and the BC. I have also looked at similar threads on this same topic, but of course, no situation is exactly the same as ours. We will only be staying for 4 days, so splitting between the two resorts is not really an option we want to consider.

Poly advantages for us:

  1. Transportation to MK (will probably spend 2 days there)
  2. Pool View rooms with full balconies (Samoa building)

BC advantages for us:

  1. The pool!
  2. Better food options as my children aren’t’ really into polynesian food

We will be spending limited time at HS and Epcot, so the location to these parks is not a significant factor. I would consider BC immediately, except we really look forward to a full balcony and pool view, and there appear to be limited rooms of this sort at BC. And the room finder showed SO MANY views of a tar and gravel roof when I chose full balcony as an option. Or a “sort of” pool view beyond the tar and gravel roof. I would be really sad if that’s what we ended up with for our first trip to WDW.

Can anybody help? I seem to be emotionally attached to the BC for some reason, but can anybody recommend a room with a full balcony without the awful view? Where we live we have access to beautiful lake views often, so we would prefer the novelty of a pool view over a lagoon/lake view.

Thank you so much in advance for reading my rambling email.

Umm….post, not email!

For Poly info, I like Tikiman’s site: http://www.tikimanpages.com/poly/. It says Samoa does not have real balconies on second floor, and I think most ground floors are just patios. You’d need third floor for a full balcony.

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Oh, thank you! I will check it out!

4 days, and two of those days are MK?

Stay at the Poly. You’ve thought it out.
Don’t worry about the food situation. You have many different restaurants, essentially restaurants at any of the resorts on the monorail line are fair game for you to get to pretty quickly.

I’d say if you planned on doing Epcot/DHS more than MK, then Beach Club would be the far better choice.


The Poly. I was attached to the BC for the pool, too, but the views weren’t that great.

In the end, where will you spend most of your time? Do you have a whole pool day? If not, the Poly has a very nice pool, too.

As for food, hop on the monorail and you have two other hotels with differing food options… and a fun free ride to go with it.

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Thank you. Yes, definitely more MK than anything else.

Thank you for your comments. We may do a pool day depending on the weather, but we don’t have a lot of time so we may not be able to fit it in and see what we want to see. Being able to head to the hotel quickly for a swim and a break is very appealing, too. The Poly is definitely better for that with our plan.

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IMHO this comes down to your preference.

If you are going to be at MK most of the time - sure do POLY. Poly has a lot of great things going for it the Monorail (when it is running) and all the activities over at the MK area.

It does still have a decidedly “The Brady’s go to Hawaii” feel in my opinion. It is great, it is fun but it is a 47 year old resort.

Beach Club is wonderful - but a much different vibe. The proximity to Epcot and HS is great and also all the activities at the boardwalk. The pool is crazy awesome.

However from the tone of your email it seems like you WANT to stay at POLY. So just stay there and enjoy. It is a great resort and you can’t miss with either. You also seem to want a particular balcony that the Poly can provide you. So just enjoy. If you can afford either - I would assume you could come back again - so next time to BC.

Thank you! I’m still deciding but you’ve given me lots of things to think about,

If you have alternatives to riding the bus to and from the parks, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THEM.

I would not worry about too much the food at the Poly. We LOVE the pizza at Captain Cooks!

Thank you! We are planning for just that.

Oh, good to know. I will check into that. Thank you!