Poly lunch and golf

My plan on our MK day was to boat over to WL and eat lunch at Geyser Point. But… looks like you can walk from Poly to the golf courses. (Please correct me if I’m wrong…) So, if I wanted to send a few members of my family to play golf after lunch, we could instead boat to Poly and get food there. I’ve never been there before. Looks like both Captain Cooks and Kona mobile order are an option. (And maybe an adult beverage from Tambu Lounge too…) Are there areas near the restaurants to sit outside and eat? I’m trying to avoid indoor dining if possible. We’re transferring to the Swan that day - it looks like an easy walk from Poly to the TTC to grab the Swolphin bus afterwards.

I go to the Poly all the time and MO and eat outside. We are avoiding indoor dining as well. Here’s the outdoor area. We also grabbed a dole whip float around the corner and ate in the lobby AC too. Yes you can walk to the golf courses at Shades of Green from the Poly; I don’t know how long of a walk it is?

Oooh, umbrellas for shade - even better! Thanks!

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You could walk to at least one of the golf courses but not all of them

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Poly to the TTC is an easy walk.

Not sure where at the TTC the Swolphin buses are pulling up though.

According to their website, it’s C3 and C4. That doesn’t really mean anything to me though…

Oh look! My old friend google recommended I visit this site to answer my TTC questions: https://touringplans.com/blog/2019/03/04/planning-basics-get-to-know-the-wdw-transportation-and-ticket-center/

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OK, so from the map at the bottom of the article you’d walk past the monorail entrance and the buses will be in front of you.

Hopefully someone might be able to confirm that the map is still accurate.

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That’s the wrong way.

Stick to the path, OK?


Path’s aren’t exactly clearly marked…

…by the maintenance shed.


That’s because you shouldn’t have been near the maintenance shed! It’s for maintenance peeps.



I can tell you for a fact, that you can not get one of those fun pineapple drinks there either.

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Good to know.

Maybe Len should add that fact to the Unofficial Guide. Oh drat, too late!


We’ve walked from Poly to play the 9 hole walking course that is included in the park hopper plus tix. Magnolia and palms course are there as well. Transportation center is a very easy walk from poly. Paths to and from might be impacted by construction, not sure. Walkway/roadway to golf courses is gated, but security guard will buzz you through