Poly is sold out!

Hi, I was holding out on booking a room at the Polynesian because I was waiting for (hopefully) a sale. Alas, all the rooms 10/21-10/28 are sold out! :sob: Do you think rooms may be released later? Any tips on trying to score a room here? I am going to keep stalking the WDW site but thought I would ask you guys as well.

We booked the Contemporary over spring break. When the sale came out, I just phoned them and had it applied. So if you get your dates, book them and then if there’s a sale, they can adjust your reservation. In the meantime, book your second choice now. You can always phone and change it if the Poly comes open.

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Oh, that stinks.

I know this doesn’t help now, but we always do what Ariadne said - book at full rack rate if need be to snag the room and modify later to get discounts.

I can offer some hope though - especially since you have a long way to go until your dates: Over the last month or so I stalked the site myself to try to get the room only discount applied to my CBR reservation. I already had the room, but missed out on the discount even though I called first thing on the morning they were released.

So, I kept a browser tab open on my PC, and tried several times a day - I eventually found that I could score the discount on the first 4 days of my reservation, but not the 5th. I started to debate modifying my reservation to less days, then booking a value resort for the last day - but finally, after weeks of checking, more discounted rooms appeared.
(FWIW, When the discount did appear, they also were available for at least a few days too, so wasn’t like trying to get an ADR the second they appear.)

Not only was I able to get my reservation modified to reflect the discount, I could add days - or even just book a new reservation. (I already had the CBR construction rebate so was keen to not have to start over.)

So, long story short: keep trying, and as people cancel reservations or perhaps new rooms are made available you have a good chance of getting what you want. Also, don’t forget to also try over at Undercover Tourist and Orbitz, who sometimes have rooms available to book when Disney themselves do not. (I just looked out of curiosity and they do not seem to have any right now.)

Oh, one last tip: If you’re a little flexible on dates, it’s also worth it to try changing your start and end dates when searching and see if you just miss what you want. That’s what initially happened to me with my CBR search.

Good luck!


Totally keep checking. They may release a block of dates that they were saving for an event or people cancel and change their dates. Sales on different rooms seem to change, as well. Just check once or twice a day.

Also, good point about checking your dates individually. It’s possible that only one of those days is booked up. Book the others and watch for an opening on the date you’re missing.

Good luck.

It may also be worth inquiring with a travel agent that books room blocks themselves. I believe MVT (Magical Vacations Travel) is the one I see most recommended that does that - no personal experience with MVT though…

Another option is renting dvc points for a villa. Sometimes it can be less expensive than a room with a discount. The cons are you do not have your room tidy each day. That I cannot do without.

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Thanks for the suggestions! I hadn’t thought to split the time between two hotels. So we are at the Poly for the first 4 days, GF for the next few. This is a good compromise for us! Thank you all!

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