Poly for family of 5 - Standard room or new Studio?

Back on lines again after a 2 year break! Planning a November trip. I am getting ready to book our hotel and we want to stay at the Polynesian this time. I can’t decide between the new studios or the standard room with 2 Q beds. We have a family of 5 - me, DH, DS11, DD9 and DS5.

Welcome back! And welcome to the Forums. Different than chat with a lot of features that we always asked for on chat.

I have zero experience with the Poly but I thought I’d bump this up for the morning crowd.

Thanks Turkey!

I guess people don’t know much about the new DVC suites at Poly since they haven’t opened yet. I went the the standard room because I think the queen bed will be more comfortable than a pull out couch.

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I can’t help yet @shortliner but we’re staying in the Villa Studios in May, I can report back then. But I’ve never stayed Poly before either so I won’t have any basis for comparison between Villas and standard rooms. But I hear they are the largest rooms on all property, something like 440 sq feet. We stayed BC standard room last trip with DDs 7, 5 & 3 and we had plenty of room, so I’m guessing we’ll have even more room this time! And I like having 2 showers, makes bathing all 5 of us when we get back from a long sweaty day much faster… :slight_smile: