Poly DVC Deluxe Studio

It seems renting DVC is better price than the offer from Magical for my dates. I doubt there is any availability left since I did not look into this until now, like 3 months left.

The studio might have microwave, and does have two bathrooms. Maybe all rooms have patio. A real coffee machine if I bring ground coffee beans.

However, it only has one queen bed, with possible couch bed and Murphy bed, and it seems there is no dresser. Room cleaning is once every seven days, or in between reservations- by Disney staff.

Is there any other differences that I am not aware of yet?

If the Poly DVC is like the others, the studio will have the following:
allears.com studio ammenities list

That link also explains the cleaning schedule.

Every studio I’ve stayed in has a microwave.

The couch is a pullout bed. That plus the Murphy bed means that it’ll sleep 5.

This link is for the Poly DVC page on allears

Overall, I like to stay DVC because of the “on your own” sort of feel. I prefer personally to not have housekeeping coming in everyday. I like to settle in and make it just feel a little like home.

I showed the video to momma’s little helper, and she likes the DVC studio room better, is thrilled no one will come in to clean, likes the two bathrooms instead of one, and already picked the Murphy with lilo and stitch as her bed.

I think I would be concerned with towels. Seems we never get enough towels in a regular room. I’ve also read that towels may not always be available by pool. Can’t use a pool towel for after shower, well I suppose one could do that. Shampoo, conditioner, soap will not be enough for four girls for four days as they seem to be the same tiny bottles. But I will have a car and could easily pick up these things at target or Walmart or even the mercantile in the main building where I could also buy ground Kona coffee!

One thing I won’t be able to change is the missing dresser. I did not see any drawers in main room. This is a big inconvenience for 4 girls, well not for little helper that likes to live out of her suitcase.

We stayed in the dvc studio at poly a couple of weeks ago so I can offer this, there’s no dresser but there are drawers under the queen bed, a large closet, and storage inside the coffee table. It was honestly more than I expected. As for towels, we are a family of 6 so I needed to ask for extra towels several times through the week. They never hesitated to bring me what I needed. I’m sure they would bring more shower products as well if I had asked. They replenished them mid week, which was enough for us, and I even brought some home! The two bathrooms are very good size too? This room was much more than I thiught it would be. We were very pleased!

: o ).

Just waiting to find out availability. Not holding my breath since it is a Sunday before a Monday holiday; and, not expecting any are left since only about 3 months out. But, I’ve done my research for next time.

I think we would like this Deluxe Studio option.

We booked the DVC studio thru WDW not DVC… Was told that we would get daily mouse keeping , since we are not doing it as a DVC rental, but WDW resort booking…