Poly dining

Spirit of Aloha or Ohana? The menu at Ohana looks amazing ( wish they had characters for dinner) but Spirit looks entertaining. I wonder if my kiddo would get bored tho, if its a really long show. We loved Mickeys BBQ last time but it won’t be available :frowning: So I am trying to decide between these two. Any thoughts or input would be helpful

I chose Ohana for our family. I don’t think our kids (or even us parents for that matter) could sit through the Aloha show. Ohana menu looks good and you can try and time dinner to watch the fireworks on the beach afterwards.


I chose Ohana. I don’t think DD7 would be maintain interest for the length of Spirit of Aloha.

I chose Ohana, and it was our favorite meal.


I did SoA in 1984 and loved it. We went this summer and did it again the food was good and the show was ok, but I was disappointed in this choice. I would have enjoyed Ohana a lot more I think. For dinner shows better choice might be Hoop dee doo. The show at Biergarten was good also and a lot cheaper and the food was better, just hope you don’t get our server. Our next trip Ohana is a must do.

We did Mickeys Backyard BBQ last year and it was amazing. Hoop de doo didn’t appeal to me. I think the consensus is for Ohana!!!

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One of my least favorite childhood WDW memories is going to the dinner/show at the Poly in the mid-80’s. I’m not sure if it was called Spirit of Aloha then, but the concept was the same and my brother I thought it was boring. I vote Ohana.

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Ohana, for sure!