Poly Club Level Advice Needed

Hi-We’re staying at the Poly in a garden view club level room next week. I’m wondering about the pros and cons of each floor in Hawaii and if you have a preference for a certain floor. I believe the ground floor rooms have patios, the 2nd floor does not have outside access and the 3rd floor has balconies? Is that correct? Thanks so much!

You are right! The advantage of the 2nd floor is that the lounge os on that floor. There is an entrance to the lounge area on the 3rd floor (a small sitting area with a tv and a bathroom) and stairs that lead directly to the main lounge area. You can sit up there on the chairs or a few tables. The first floor has access to the lounge as you enter the lobby.

I’m staying in November-- would love to hear what you thought after your trip!

We stayed Club Level - MK View last year and room 3502. Awesome view of Cinderella’s Castle and Poly Beach w/balcony.

I’m staying Poly CL in a few weeks, would love anymore input!!

I stayed last November,happy to answer any of your questions. Cliffnotes version— WE LOVED IT!

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Ahhh that’s so good to hear! We’re doing a split stay, first 2 nights at Poly so we figured a good way to try it out, especially since I booked it on the holiday room discount :smile:

Is the checkin process the same or does a club level CM reach out before hand? I had heard this at one time…what did you think of the food selections throughout the day etc…? Any advice on floor/room request?

We stayed club level at the Poly 4 years ago. I liked being on the same floor as the lounge. I thought the food was fine - it was as expected. I like that there were free drinks all day - I grabbed a can of pop every time I walked by. Breakfast, I recall having a quick yogurt and bagel every morning. Night time dessert snacks were nice. The adults had drinks before going out for the evening. I love that Hawaii is right outside the kid pool. We watched fireworks in the lounge one night. The kids watched cartoons while we waited. It was a blast.

So first, when you walk into the hawaii building there is a check in desk there. So that was easy, I wasn’t even planning on it since I checked in online. But it was good.

We had a first floor room right near the entrance and elevator. I was worried at first and Maybe we were lucky but our room was so quiet. I wanted first floor because we had a stroller. I really liked it. Theres stairs or elevator right up to the lounge so found it fine. We had patio but never used it. It was a garden view room.

Breakfast was your standard continental breakfast enough for us. My picky children wouldn’t be able to make any other offerings an actual meal. But DH and I enjoyed popping in for the snack and appetizers. Also the desserts and drinks were great.

They ran out of the wine I liked and I just asked if there was anymore and they gave me a glass. The lounge CMS were wonderful and so great with our kids.

We loved watching the fireworks from the lounge. Didn’t feel a need for a theme park view because it was great from there.

The concierge CMS did call me at one point I’m not sure when, i think it was sooner then two weeks. You can call the concierge number if you had any specific questions.

We honestly really enjoyed our stay and if they didn’t really raise the prices we would do it again next year, but alas we are trying a different hotel.