Poly campfire questions

There’s gotta be a resident campfire-expert here! :wink:

Is it possible to take part in the campfire at the Poly even if we are staying at BLT? I’m thinking my kids (and us!) might appreciate the change of scenery for one night.

I assume it’s on the beach, right?

Do they allow you to get drinks from one of the Poly bars and bring them onto the beach? If so, which bar would be the best option?

If we can stick around until 8pm to catch Wishes, is it a decent view? Packed at that hour?

(Trying to come up with an idea for our last night. We will have spent the entire day at AK so kids (5 and 3) will be too tired for a TS dinner!)

We love the Poly and stay there often! There are no questions asked by the recreation CM’s. I’ve seen many people visiting for dinner at O’hana or coming for the Luau roasting marshmallow. We always enjoy talking to the parents gathered to watch their littles enjoy their mushy yummy marshmallows. Last year, I remembered to bring graham crackers and Hershey bar. Enjoy!

The one at Fort Wilderness is also fun! Have a great time!

Yes, we’ve been to the Chip-n-Dale campfire - one of my youngest’s favorite parts of our trip last year! Super cute! We might check it out again this year but trying to keep a few ideas in our back pocket so we can play parts of the trip by ear - so we can assess everyone’s moods and go with something “simple” if necessary!
(But, c’mon, Mai Tais and Lapu Lapus on the beach sound amazing after a long day!)