Poly breakfast: eggs, speed, no meat

How fast you think we can be in & out of Ohana, Kona Cafe, and Captain Cook’s, comparatively? The first two (the TS ones) have first reservations 7:30am, if we are there at 7:25, could we be out by 8? Same q for Captain Cook’s, can we get there 7:25 and be done and out? Also, are the egg sandwiches and tacos at CC’s made to order so I can get them without meat? Any veg folks know if eggs are prepared separately or on same grill/surfaces as meat?

Mulling ability to get eggs and still get to HS by 8:40ish on a 9am RD day. Trying to allow 40 min for waiting for bus & bus.

Any thoughts?

I have found that it takes at least 25 once you load the bus to get to HS from the Poly. The bus has always stopped at GF for me after Poly. Then you have to walk through security and the turnstyles. I would be at the bus no later than 7:45. At Kona you can easily be out of the restaurant in 40 minutes. Captain Cook’s is quick, but I would plan on getting there at 7:00. I do not see how you can see the characters that quickly at 'Ohana and I would not rush that meal. You can get food without meat at CC but I am unsure of the grill.


Captn cooks starts taking breakfast orders at 6:30am, allow 15 mins for food to arrive, though will probably be less than 10 mins. I thought our Captn cook breakfast was better than the food at BOG, but I didn’t try Kona or Ohana breakfast. I’d allow 70 minutes for Ohana, and 45 for Kona. I would uber from the Poly to HS. What are you planning to do first in HS, as that will determine what time you need to be there.