Poly ADA-Accessible room photos?

Anyone have relatively recent photos of an ADA-accessible room at the Poly? A friend is asking. Thanks!

I’m going through and trying to answer Forum questions that didn’t get any responses. Unfortunately, my only suggestion for this question would be to point the poster towards the Touring Plans room finder. Obviously, that’s not going to help YOU! Maybe someone else can help out now that I’ve bumped the question.

You could contact the lady who writes Rolling with the Magic. She covers ADA-accessibility topics at WDW. Here’s the blog. http://www.rollingwiththemagicblog.com/ She might even have a blog post on the Poly, although I don’t remember one from recent months.

Try tikiman http://www.tikimanpages.com/poly/

If there is nothing on site, maybe he can help you.

I am so sorry to say that we actually had an ADA room in July at the Poly, but I didn’t take any pictures. It actually was pretty much the same as our connecting room, except the beds are about 5-6 inches lower to the floor. It has an automatic door, which stays open quite a while, which is good for someone in a wheelchair. The bathroom was the same as the neighboring room. I think the refurbed bathrooms are much more accessible to everyone, not just someone with a disability. Sorry I don’t have pictures!

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