POLL: Will you watch the new Mulan on Disney+ (released 9/4)?

Was curious what everyone plans on doing with this.

  • Yes! I will pay the $29.99 fee! Take more of my money, Disney!
  • Yes, excited to see it but can wait a few months until the extra fee is waived.
  • No/unsure/don’t have Disney+
  • I refuse to see it! Stop making live action versions of my favorites!

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None of the above,.

I have NO issue with them charging for it. If you were going to the movies, you were going to pay more than the $29.99 to see it if you are more than 2 people, even without snacks. I would happily pay $29.99 to see a move in my own home if it were a movie I were motivated for.

Mulan just isn’t it for me.


None of the above. I desperately want to see it, but I’m waiting until it’s out on DVD. If I’ve got to pay for it, I want to keep it.

I have A*List, so I’d only be out the cost of snacks in the theater - a LOT less than $29.99.

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But you DO keep it. It’s a digital download.

But I don’t like watching movies on my computer, so digital downloads are meaningless to me.

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Fling it onto your big screen TV.

All the cool kids are doing it.

I’ll happily wait until I have a physical copy, thanks.


I do have Disney plus, I definitely won’t pay for it because I wouldn’t have gone to see it. I might watch it when it’s free. I might not.


We definitely would’ve seen this in the cinema if, well, if, you know!
It would’ve cost £20. For that we would’ve had full, big screen, surround sound, no distractions cinema experience.
I’m just not 100% convinced we can recreate that value at home.
I will perhaps hear some good reviews and change my mind. We’ll see… :thinking:

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Forget Mulan, bring on The Mandalorian


I’ll say that at first I was so annoyed by the extra fee idea, especially $29.99. Maybe more so as a single person, as its more expensive than going to see it in theaters.

However, I also find it super important, to me personally, to financially support a movie that is directed by a woman and giving opportunities to actors of color. I want Disney to see the benefit from a financial standpoint so that they continue to make more of them!

So I’ve changed my tune and will be happily purchasing Mulan tomorrow!


Perhaps no surprise that here we are HUGE Mulan fans. (My daughters 17 and 20 are both Chinese.) We are buying it, absolutely. We would pay at least that to go to the movie theater. It looks like it will be amazing and we’ve been waiting for it for a while. However, DD20’s friend (also Asian) is not watching it because all of the movie makers (writers, directors, producers, etc.) are white. I was a little surprised and it made me pause … but I’m still going to watch it as is DD20.

The Mandalorian Season 2 premieres on my birthday! Happy birthday to me! Woohoo!

None of the above for me.

First, I don’t know when/if Mulan will be released on Disney+ in the U.K., and how much it will be if they do.

Second I wish they’d stop making live action remakes, I haven’t seen any of them and refuse to do so.

Third I haven’t seen the original Mulan and have zero interest in seeing a live action version.

It releases tomorrow for £20.

Edited - I’ve just realised that this is complete mis-information from my DH :roll_eyes::roll_eyes: This is why the MDE/Lines accounts are MINE!!!


So we’re not getting it in the UK until December!!! That’s really irksome considering the banner photo on Disney Plus says September 4th :rage:

Isn’t it free from December and paid from tomorrow?


I’m confused. Thanks @missoverexcited. I need to do better research :see_no_evil:

I’m not definitely sure! But that’s what I thought.

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Nope. I’ll wait until it’s free. I have little littles who don’t care to watch movies all the way through (unless it’s Cars, Frozen I or II, or Toy Story 3). So it would just be my husband and I, and that math doesn’t add up. Plus, we probably wouldn’t go see it in theaters anyway. We save that for Star Wars and Marvel.

I was planning on watching it, but was unaware of the $29 fee to download. No thank you. DD hasn’t mentioned NEEDING to see it. Therefor we will wait until we can watch it for a lesser cost.

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