Poll: What’s your favorite Christmas tree?

Poll: What’s your favorite Christmas tree?

Group A
Resorts and Parks (Pick 3)

  1. Animal Kingdom Lodge

  2. Yatch Club

  3. Boardwalk

  4. Contemporary Resort

  5. Polynesian

  6. Epcot

  7. Magic Kingdom

  8. Fort Wilderness

  9. Grand Floridian

  10. Wilderness Lodge

  11. Gran Destino Tower

  12. Beach club

  13. Universal Studios

  14. Royal Pacific Resort

  • Animal Kingdom Lodge
  • Yatch Club
  • Boardwalk
  • Contemporary Resort
  • Polynesian
  • Epcot
  • Magic Kingdom
  • Fort Wilderness
  • Grand Floridian
  • Wilderness Lodge
  • Gran Destino Tower
  • Beach Club
  • Universal Studios
  • Royal Pacific Resort

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Poll: What’s your favorite Christmas tree?

Group B
Disney Springs (Pick 2)

  1. The Lion King

  2. Disney Wish

  3. Black Panther

  4. Star Wars

  5. The Princess and the Frog

  6. Raya and the Lost Dragon

  7. Moana

  8. Guardians of the Galaxy

  9. Coco

  10. Frozen

  11. Sphere

  12. Disney plus

  13. Town Center

  14. Encanto

  15. Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse

  16. Once Upon a Toy

  17. Toy Story

  18. Haunted Mansion

  19. The nightmare before Christmas

  20. Annual Pass Holder

    1. The Lion King
    1. Disney Wish
    1. Star Wars
    1. Black Panther
    1. The Princess and the Frog
    1. Raya and the Lost Dragon
    1. Moana
    1. Guardians of the Galaxy
    1. Coco
    1. Frozen
    1. Sphere
    1. Disney plus
    1. Town Center
    1. Encanto
    1. Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse
    1. Once Upon a Toy
    1. Toy Story
    1. Haunted Mansion
    1. The Nightmare Before Christmas
    1. Annual Passholder

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This is fun! Thanks for posting!


It’s too bad the photos show up at a lower resolution. Here are some close-up shots


Lion King






POR has a nice tree too. Mardigras colors


My absolute favorite seems boring…the Contemporary. But when you see it lit up at night, and realize the scale of it…it goes perfectly with the Contemporary theme. It is also different from many of the other which have similar vibes. Frankly, the photos of it don’t even come close to doing it justice.

I also picked WL and GF because of the scale and setting.


It was a toss up between WL and AKL, but I gave the edge to WL … after a toss up. :crazy_face:
I picked the Mickey/Minnie tree because it spoke to me.


I also picked the Contemporary. It’s minimalistic style makes it quite unique.

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Just here to protest being able to choose 3 for poll one but only 2 for poll two! :wink:

This was fun though!!


Not fair…(to the DS trees) :pensive:


The votes for the DS trees are all over the place. @Jeff_AZ where are you?

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I just voted! Great poll. There is so much detail in every tree!


I would assume one of your favorites was the Star Wars tree? I didn’t set up the poll right. Can’t see what everyone’s votes are.

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y’know… This would absolutely win if there was just an error sign sitting there saying 'Currently Unavailable". Just cause it’d be hilarious.


Yes! I voted for Star Wars and Raya. You set up the first poll with the “show who voted” box checked, but not the second poll.

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I realized I had left that box unchecked when it was too late. I don’t think there is an easy way to edit the poll once it is built.

Here is the runoff. Let’s see if I did this right.

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