Poll Time! What's the Optimal Trip Frequency?

Quick poll today:

If money wasn’t an object, what would be the ideal frequency for you to visit WDW without losing the magic?

(Select the option that is closest to your ideal.)

  • Less than once every 5 years
  • Once every 2-5 years
  • Annually
  • Semiannually / Quarterly
  • Monthly
  • Weekly
  • Daily
  • Some other frequency (comment below)

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This poll was inspired because I’ve been home from my most recent trip about a month and realized I could totally go again today if I could afford it and if the kids didn’t have school.


home schooling allows for more trip freedom :wink: :joy: :rofl:


I said semi annually or quarterly but realized I’ve been to DLR monthly for what will be four months in a row. :joy:


when I had to fly in and had the means it was a once a month event


I said “monthly” because our goal is to retire to Florida in the next few years (not just for Disney but that is definitely a perk)! :blush:


I prefer to do a longer trip (1-2 weeks) and I think I wouldn’t enjoy it if I did it more than once a year. I was tempted to say 2-5 years, but I feel like I would still have fun with an annual trip.


I voted “semi-annually”. If I could go in the fall and late spring, when school is in session, I’d be thrilled!

We’ve been an every 2 - 3 years family, with other places like Universal included. I would love to go annually! Now, that I’m an empty-nester going to Orlando at least one a year - preferably more is my goal!

Because of my passion for all theme parks, I do honestly believe I could live down there and not get sick of any of it.

My wife’s company is based in Tampa, FL - about 90 minutes from WDW. I’ve joked that now that our daughter is grown, if she ever wants to take a promotion or relocate I’d move in an instant!

I’d wake up before dawn on the weekends to drive and RD the parks or leave work a little early and go to EPCOT for dinner!


I feel like twice a year is the most infrequently I would want to visit. I always go during the holiday season, but it’s nice to see it other times of year too. I have just under 2 months between trips right now and honestly it doesn’t feel like enough time. I wouldn’t give up a trip during the holidays and the earlier was for the 50th so they will be very different at least.


Granted I have not been with my kids yet, but for myself currently 2-5 years would be enough. We were last at DLR in 2017 and I was really wanting more Disney in 2020 and will finally get it in 2022.


We have gone every 2 or 3 years from 1988 to 2017.
Before that the '80s were very nearly yearly.
Every 5 years for the 70s.

I used to think that every 2 or 3 years was ample.
But I’m older and do less in a day. I’ve really enjoyed annual visits from 2017 to 2020.
Tho we won’t do a 2021 visit since we did two weeks in the west in May and a cousin reunion in July.

Thanks for the survey, @Jeff_AZ

DH says you left off Been there, done that. :grin:
The kid at our house says it’s kind of fun to decide let’s go and visit within 6 months instead of planning way far out. Otherwise every other year is good.


My instinct is to say daily, cause I love WDW. But I wouldn’t want to get bored, and I’m the type of person for whom instant gratification leads to boredom. I enjoy the anticipation as much as the trip itself.

Monthly is about enough to maintain that sense of anticipation while still maximizing the reward. However, until I’m retired and/or rich, I’m going to have to settle for every 2 years, or occasionally more often (like this year). I supplement that with a trip to DLR at least annually, even in years when we go to WDW.


I think a major qualifier in my choice is the length of these trips. If going for 5-8 days like all my trips have been, I would not want to do that monthly. But if going over long weekends, then monthly for sure. If I lived nearby, and could do single day trips easily, then weekly.


First I picked Other, because if I could live at AK, or in Cindy’s house, I totally would. Since that’s not actually an option, and I live a plane ride away, I picked weekly.


This is definitely important. I said monthly with the thought in mind that it would be 4day trips each time.

For longer trips, of 5-7 days minimum, I would think quarterly might do…maybe?


I had heard that older folk in the DL area would buy annual passes, get on a local bus and visit DL daily. Practically a senior center.

This kinda sounds like a decent retirement plan. Tho I’m not sure about living in a big city after so many years in the country.


This is what my ideal would be, excluding travel time.


I picked other. Right now I am at every 5 months. I think 3-4 months works best for me but I can be very happy with every 5 months.

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I picked semiannually, but who am I kidding…

If money was not an issue, I would live in Golden Oaks and go as frequently as I could.

I was born for this and do not feel I would ever loose the magic.


As an out of stater, in an ideal world, I’d go in the fall to see the Halloween decorations and do Food and Wine for a week to 10 days. Go again in mid-December for at least 10 days to take in all the Christmas stuff. And then go again in the spring for the Flower and Garden Festival for a week.


Ooooh what to decide…

I haven’t been in 20+ years.
But honestly, I can’t help but think that in a perfect world I’d love to hang out there everyday. Grab a bite to eat, ride something, post a wait time or two, enjoy the sights and sounds.

I think I’m picturing Cheers but with Dole Whip.