Poll time: Deposits down for multiple dates

Of those of you that have a trip planned this year, how many of you have deposits on multiple dates but only plan to go once? Just wondering if as we get more info on the parks reopening if we will see more dropped ADRs and FP+.

  • Yes, currently have multiple dates booked but only plan on going once
  • No, only have one date booked
  • Other

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I only have one and if it’s cancelled, I will reschedule for next year at the earliest. I live too far away to make last minute itinerary changes (well, I will have to cancel this one last minute but don’t want to set myself up to do that again).

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I said other.

We have a DVC stay booked that we intend on using
And I have a second trip booked on cash that I intend using (it’s DD’s 16th birthday trip)

So I have more than one trip booked, but plan to use both.


I had two trips to reschedule with different groups of people. One trip I have rescheduled once. For the other I currently hold 3 resort reservations for different dates.

Only have one trip, we are from Madrid (spain), and have fingers crossing for 02 August, 13 days there, if can´t go this year, delay it to summer 2021


I have my original and hopefully doable trip booked for end of august. I have a backup booked for November. When packages are released in june for the following year i may book a back up for my backup. But only plan to go once. I too am hoping for some ADR’s to drop once people finalize their plans.

We have a 6/1 trip booked which I’m just waiting for Disney to cancel. We are hoping to be able to go 9/21. I haven’t cancelled 6/1 myself in the slight chance Disney offers some incentive like they did last time with free dining. I also wanted to make sure there was an affordable room for us, that’s the only reason I double booked. I did cancel all my FP and ADRs for June knowing I won’t be there.

I said other too for the exact reason. We have multiple trips booked and plan to use them if Disney is open (and it doesn’t have to be fully open–we would go if the parks were closed and the resorts were open).

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I have three trips booked right now. One in late June, one at the beginning of July, and one in late July. If one of those don’t work, then we’ll just wait until next summer.

We were supposed to be there over Spring Break. Rescheduled to October. Then they offered free dining if we went over the summer, so we scheduled a shorter mid-June trip.

If WDW is open, we’ll take both trips.

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Finding anything in November was a bit of a challenge for me (in terms of what I want and am willing to pay) and I figured that there were many who had backup reservations and that was contributing to it.

Nothing at Pop for my dates, only Pirate rooms at Caribbean (I want skyliner resort so bad), only Royal rooms at Port Orleans. We are currently booked at Coronado but I keep scouting the other choices.

I was in a horrible place a couple of weeks ago and I’ve pulled out of it and decided not to let this steal my joy and go back to planning.


We had a trip planned for last week of June for 4 days touring in parks and 2 days of karate tournament at Coronado Springs.

A couple of weeks ago the tournament folk changed everything to third week of December. Disney to change our room reservations automatically. Our June reservations remained on MDE for awhile. Currently there is no room reservation.

While I’m considering ADRs at 180 days - if possible- I don’t plan to do any FPs. It’s way past our first rodeo and hopefully not our last. We’ll have fun regardless. Especially if we can eat. :blush:

We re-booked our March trip to Aug 28-Sept 7th, and double back-up Dec. 18-23rd at both WDW and Disneyland. I’m determined to go before the end of 2020…unless niether open before then…gulp.

me too


I have a trip booked end of June / beginning of July through David’s DVC, which I’m hoping they can cancel and refund. I booked a do-over trip for February through a Disney travel agent. I never want to deal with renting DVC points again in my life.


I do wonder the long term effects of this on the rental market. It was always something I was leery of to start with. Now? Probably never would.



I definitely feel for you and all those who have rented points. I hope it all works out for you!

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Agreed. I think the companies will need to revisit their policies if they want to stay in business. I was looking to rent for January 2021, but I didn’t think it was fair that I had to assume the full risk of the reservation if Disney was closed. I can book directly through Disney for the same resort and get a refund if I can’t go due to the pandemic. Direct is obviously more expensive, but it isn’t that significant when you factor in all the deals offered throughout the year. Last year we had 35% off at AKL. My estimate was that renting DVC points next trip was going to save about 40% off rack rate. Not a huge different. I doubt that I’ll bother trying to rent DVC in future.

The old adage: you can’t get something for nothing. See also: you get what you pay for.

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